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Since 1994, Mortuary Santinelli & Poggiani organises funerals, burials and cremations in Pienza and the surrounding area. We are well known throughout the Tuscany region for our impeccable discretion, and offer a comprehensive service using the most modern technologies, such as using a pantograph for plaques and billboards, a printer for funeral posters and computer graphics processing. We can take care of all the necessary paperwork, provide a transport service, and respond to the needs of all religions and faiths. Our staff provide discreet assistance and logistical support to bereaved families, and give sensitive psychological support following the death of a loved one.

Funeral Services

Mortuary Santinelli & Poggiani offers funeral services not just in Italy, but all over the world. This includes the repatriation and expatriation of remains, liaising with embassies completion of the paperwork involved. In addition, we provide services such as embalming, dressing of the deceased, transportation, the posting of death announcements, cremations, burials and funerals. We take care of every aspect of funerals and aim to ease the pain of grieving families during the time of their bereavement.
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Funeral Ceremonies

We can organise funeral ceremonies for any religious orientation. In addition to traditional Christian funerals and secular ceremonies, we can cater to Orthodox Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Jehovah's Witnesses. We're available 24 hours a day and we take care of every detail of the ceremony, from flowers and wreaths to transporting the body, and we are always efficient, punctual and discrete.
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Our Catchment Area

Mortuary Santinelli & Poggiani has its headquarters in Pienza, but operates throughout the entire territory of Tuscany and the neighbouring regions. This is possible thanks to our branches in Santeano and San Quirico D'Orcia and our experienced and qualified staff are always available when needed.

Our Philosophy

The loss of a loved one is a time of great sadness and disorientation, and the presence of a discrete and sympathetic funeral agency can be crucial to ease the pain of the family and friends of the deceased. Our young but experienced team knows how to establish a human relationship with customers, who feel welcomed and comforted by our delicate manner in their time of loss. Our clients wellbeing and the knowledge of how best to assist them are the basis of our philosophy.
We're available 24 hours a day if necessary:
Just call +39 348 2247797 or +39 335 5372164
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